Comics and stories

These are arranged in the order that the story takes place, not the order in which they were drawn or published. Most of these stories are for mature readers, and contain language, violence, and some nudity and/or sexual situations.  In addition, my work has appeared in many other publications.

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Jet, 2350

  Epic-length, 200+ page story done while I was in college. This takes place 50 years before Jack Salemís time. One of the last humans on Earth searches for the hiding place of the Dream Machine. ($20.00) Currently out of print.

The City of Ice

The direct sequel to Jet. Jet and two companions try to discover what became of the humans who emigrated to the terraformed Mars.

City of Ice #1: ($7.00) Available

City of Ice #2: ($7.00) Available

City of Ice #3.0: ($7.00) Available (very few left!)

City of Ice #3.5: ($7.00) Available

City of Ice #4: ($7.00) Available


An 83 page text story with illustrations by nearly 20 different artists (including a number by me). Tells the story of Jack Salemís life from birth up until the beginning of .357. ($15.00) Available (very few left)

This is the reprinted Unforgiven, and replaces that volume.

 If you really want to read the story in it's original form with (most) of the original illustrations, it appears in Yarf! issues #42-44, 46-48.



Game of Kings

($10.00)  A 50 page text story with numerous illustrations, covering a period when Jack Salem was 20, and incarcerated at the county jail for several months one summer. Available (few left!)

Jackís Night Out

 By Roz Gibson & David Hopkins.  ($7.00) Writing and layout by Gibson & Hopkins, drawn by Hopkins, inking and lettering by Gibson.  An exercise in excessive, pointless violence and mayhem; donít expect an intricate plot or character development.  Due to adult content, an age statement WILL be required before shipping.  Do not get this if youíre easily offended. Available.


 A mostly satirical comic about the police duo that ended  Jack Salemís killing spree. ($3.00) Available.

Escape to New York

 Jack Salemís exile to the City of Ice, and subsequent escape. This volume includes all that was published in Furrlough and Yarf, as well as some additional unpublished material. ($10.00) Sold Out

I do not have any current plans to reprint this, as it is also available in back issues of Yarf and Furrlough.

Salem & Harpy: The City of Ice Stories #1

This reprints the entire Deal With the Devil/ Fashion Victim storyline in one volume, and replaces those two separate books.  There's no new material other than the cover.  Adults only!  ($10.00)  Sold Out











Another epic-length volume, at 230 pages. The direct sequel to Escape to New York. After Salemís inexplicable survival, a mismatched group of people pursue him across country. ($20.00) Sold Out


This is another collaboration with David Hopkins, and takes place in his universe, not mine.  Still, there's lots (and lots) of violence in these, and they would probably appeal to fans of my work too.  Adults only!!

Cliff #1 ($3.00) Available

Cliff #2 ($3.00) Available

Sketches 1996-2004

 Unpublished work, including several unfinished music adaptations. ($5.00)Available