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This should be a complete record of all the character, enemy, victim, ally, promo and chase cards from RaLV phases 1-6, plus Equinox.  Special thanks to Regis Wallace (the RL one) who provided me the cards I needed to complete my set.  In addition, Iíve also added scans of all the promotional cards from the first set.


These scans are not meant to infringe on the copyright of White Wolf, Five Rings, WoTC, or whoever owns the copyright to RaLV at this point.  Since these cards are so difficult to come by, this is meant solely as a visual guide and record for fans that would not get a chance to see the card art otherwise.


For new, tournament-legal Rage cards, please visit this site. A few of the new cards even have some art by yours truly!


I currently have no RaLV cards to sell or trade.  I do have some from the original 5 sets; email me if youíre looking for something specific.